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Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

Read the events here! And I understand that people are wary of links because it is April Fool’s Day (I am as well!), but I assure you these just lead to the Hetalia Scanlations page, with one leading to DailyMotion, no worries :)

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History with Hetalia
The Italian Wars (1522-44)

The Italian Wars caused lots of bloodshed in Italy. Italy, who had gotten lynched in many countries, became occupied by other powerful countries. Thus marked the start of the life of the underling for Italy, who was an infant in the woods.

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The notes accompanying the artwork are in Polish and I couldn’t hope to translate them accurately but I gather that this piece was inspired by The Battle of Monte Cassino a.k.a The Cassino Campaign, a battle lasting several months in 1944 which saw the Polish corps launch several arguably suicidal attacks on enemy forces before successfully capturing the area.

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To Be or Not to Be